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THE WORLD has changed. The way people work, and the way people are seeking to work has been revolutionised. For the Caribbean, the advent of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) certification has been a boon that replaces the costs and limitations of the archaic work visa requirements. Tim Howell Consulting Services is here to help pave a new path forward for new times. “What we are doing is offering services to persons who want to acquire the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ), especially those who want to pursue the CSME certificate so that they can move freely throughout the Caribbean and work under the CSME .
For artisans, persons in the hospitality industry, skilled tradespeople, and many others, the opportunity to acquire a certified qualification and the CSME certificate opens doors throughout the region and greater opportunity and flexibility for the future .
PEOPLE will always be seeking to improve their situations. Tim Howell Consulting Services (THCS) is here to open doors and make the process of career improvement hassle free. With a goal of providing opportunities for skilled persons to get an internationally recognised qualification using prior learning, and to enhance their job opportunities and promotion in their chosen occupation, Tim Howell Consulting Services is seeking to help your experiences work for you.
PLAR Candidate Ms. Shanaz Khan receives her CVQ Level 2 Food Preparation & Cookery Level 2 Certificate from CVQ Assessor Ms. Wilma Wiggins 


If you are a skilled person with over five years experience and you can demonstrate or provide evidence that you have the knowledge and skill you are on the way to achieving The Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) Qualification. This qualification provides the opportunity for you to get The Caribbean Single Market Economy (CSME)Certificate. Let us help you open the doors to your financial future.

Prior Learning Assessment Recognition

What is Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR)? PLAR/RPL stands for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition of Prior Learning. Prior learning assessment and recognition defines processes that allow individuals to identify, document, have assessed and gain recognition for their prior learning. The learning may be formal, informal, non-formal, or experiential. PLAR Candidate Ms. Bibi Khan receives her CVQ Level 2 Housekeeping Certificate from Assessor Ms. Penelope Howell

The Qualification - The Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ)

A candidate must demonstrate proficiency in each area of competence as required by the relevant Occupational Standard. This demonstration may include training from approved post-secondary institutions. It may also include training from educational bodies or institutions that are recognized by the relevant regulatory bodies. Evidence of training courses may include certificates or must include successful completion of a graded exam or assignment. If you have not completed pre-approved training, but feel you have equivalent training and/or experience, you can choose to participate in the PLAR review process. The PLAR process considers hands on experience as well as training in other education settings to establish equivalent qualifications. It’s important to carefully consider your options when choosing whether to proceed with a PLAR review or take additional training to demonstrate proficiency. A PLAR review typically requires a significant investment of your time and commitment to complete. The CVQ is awarded by the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Council Barbados


Thank you sir from the bottom of my heart. I am so happy that it bring tears to my eyes.Thank you for everything have cause my dream to come through. A million thanks to you and your team.We have done it, you have done it once again.God will continue to bless you and your business. An elated Gwendolyn Saunders of Jamaica after receiving her CVQ Level 2 Housekeeping and CSME Certificates.

Leisa Cox

"Mr. Howell thanks for the time and dedication of your team. Words are not enough to express my thanks" Leisa Cox

"Eh eh πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ yesssss thank u so much.Thank u again, to everyone " An elated Trisha Wilkinson

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